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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Eto kuram na smekh! [Not Chinese]



that, this [demonstrative pronoun]

kuram na smekh

[idiom] ridiculous; [literally: to make the hens laugh]

  1. kuram: for hens [dative-case plural of kuritsa: hen]
  2. na: intended for
  3. smekh: laughter


  1. The captions (region 1 DVD) incorrectly say it’s Chinese, but say it’s a foreign language in the deleted-scene version.
  2. Idiomatic meaning from data formerly on Cornell University’s Russian Language Program site (russian.dmll.cornell.edu/russian.web/BODY/WIN_1251/SME/SME.HTM); literal meaning from various Serenity fans and Provérbios russos, which gives the English equivalent of “it is enough to make a cat laugh.”
  3. Speaking of the Tams and Russian, tam там is the Russian word for ‘there’.

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary