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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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[insult] [offensive] a hussy, a slut; [literally: cheap/shoddy goods]

  1. jian4: to be cheap, to be worthless
  2. huo4: [used in insults for people]; [literally: goods, merchandise]


  • Zoe sounds like “jien hwa,” which is about as close to “jien hwaw,” as the script’s jien huo is.

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Jian4 ta1 de5 gui3!

jian4 ta1 de5 gui3

go to hell; [literally: see his ghost]

  1. jian4: to see, to meet
  2. ta1 de5: his
    1. ta1: he
    2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]
  3. gui3: a ghost, a demon


  • Also:
    • jian4gui3: to go to hell, preposterous
    • Jian4gui3!: Nonsense!, You’re daydreaming!, Damn it!

See also:

  • gui3 (“Out of Gas”)
  • niao4 shi1 de5 du3gui3 (“Heart of Gold”)

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jing1chang2 mei2yong4 de5


regularly, constantly

  1. jing1 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: regular, constant
  2. chang2 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: regular, normal

mei2yong4 de5


  1. mei2: to have no (something), -less
  2. yong4: use [noun]
  3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]


  • Pronunciation: Mal sounds like “jing-tsing myung duh” instead of the jing-tzahng mei yong-duh of the script. In the second syllable of jing1chang2, the Z (“tz”: jing-tzahng) for standard CH (“jing-chahng”) is an exception to the typical Taiwan Mandarin pronunciation of C (“ts”) for standard CH (FAQ).

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to be brilliant (splendid)

  1. jing1: to be excellent
  2. cai3 [used only in compound words]: brilliance (splendor)


  • Wash sounds like “Jing-tzai” instead of Jing tsai.

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Jiu4sheng1 yong4ju4 gu4zhang4. Jian3cha2 yang3qi4 gong1ying4.

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Ying2huo3chong2–Ning2jing4 Zhong1wen2 Pin1yin1-dian3
Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary