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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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qiang2bao4 hou2zi5 de5

qiang2bao4 hou2zi5 de5

monkey-raping, that rapes monkeys

  1. qiang2bao4: to rape
    1. qiang2: to be powerful, to be strong
    2. bao4: to be violent, to be cruel
  2. hou2zi5: a monkey
    1. hou2: a monkey
    2. zi5: [suffix to make noun two syllables]
  3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]

See also:

  • gen1 hou2zi5 bi3 diu1 shi3 (“Heart of Gold”)
  • hou2zi5 de5 pi4gu5! (“Trash”)
  • Liu2 kou3shui3 de5 biao3zi5 he2 hou2zi5 de5 ben4 er2zi5. (“Safe”)

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Please come in

  1. qing3: please (for requests)
  2. jin4: to come in, to enter

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Qing3 zai4lai2 yi1 bei1 ng5gaa1pei4?

qing3 zai4lai2

please give me another

  1. qing3: please (for requests)
  2. zai4lai2: to order a repetition, to have another helping
    1. zai4: again (for future actions)
    2. lai2: to do

yi1 bei1

a glass of

  1. yi1 [pronounced “yi4” before a 1st-tone syllable]: one, a
  2. bei1: [classifier for cupfuls/glassfuls]

English (Borrowed Cantonese) ↓

[see Note 1 below]


ng5gaa1pei4: [traditional Chinese medicine] acanthopanax bark, acanthopanax-bark liquor [see Note 1 below; Mandarin pronunciation: wu3jia1pi2]

  1. ng5gaa1: the acanthopanax plant [Eleutherococcus gracilistylus; Mandarin pronunciation: wu3jia1]
    1. ng5: five
    2. gaa1: to add up
  2. pei4: bark (the plant covering) [Mandarin pronunciation: pi2]


  1. Ngkapei: The script has Ng-Ka-Pei as English. The capitalization of every syllable might mean that the writers incorrectly thought it was a brand name. But Ng5gaa1pei4 (Mandarin pronunciation: wu3jia1pi2) is a Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage (from rice, sorghum, or other grains) soaked in the branch bark or root bark of the herb acanthopanax (Eleutherococcus gracilistylus) of traditional Chinese medicine.

    The literal translation ‘five add up’ refers to the plant’s five-part leaves. More on acanthopanax (provided for information purposes only): Complementary and Alternative Healing University

  2. Also: wu3jia1pi2jiu3 五加皮酒 : [traditional Chinese medicine] acanthopanax-bark liquor; wu3jia1pi2: acanthopanax bark, acanthopanax-bark liquor [see main entry above]; jiu3: liquor, spirits

See also:

  • Ng5gaa1pei4 (Serenity: Float Out)

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qing1wa1 cao4 de5 liu2mang2

qing1wa1 cao4 de5

[offensive] frog-f***ed, that a frog f***ed

  1. qing1wa1: a frog
    1. qing1: to be green (the color)
    2. wa1: a frog
  2. cao4 de5: [offensive] f***ed
    1. cao4: [offensive] to f***
    2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]


a hooligan, a gangster

  1. liu2 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: to wander
  2. mang2 [used only in the compound word liu2mang2]


  1. Chinese character: The character (cao1 ‘to speak (a language)’ and less commonly cao4 [for this meaning, used only in compound words] ‘to make trouble’) is used as a replacement character for the offensive character . The character (cao4 [offensive] ‘to f***’) is often not used because the combination of its parts is visually explicit: ru4 [used only in compound words] ‘to enter’ and rou4flesh’ [noun].
  2. Script: frog-humping: cao4 qing1wa1 de5 操青蛙的 : frog-f***ing, that f***s frogs
  3. Mal sounds like “ching-wah tsao duh liao mahng, shiny” instead of the ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng of the script.

See also:

  • gou3 cao4 de5 (“The Train Job”)

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Qu4 ni3 de5.

qu4 ni3 de5

[slang] Get lost!, Go to hell!; [literally: go to your]

  1. qu4: to go to, to leave
  2. ni3 de5: your (singular), yours (singular)
    1. ni3: you (singular)
    2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]

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