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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Xi1 niu2

xi1 niu2

cow-sucking, that sucks cows

  1. xi1: to suck up, to absorb
  2. niu2: a cow


  • Jayne correctly sounds like “Shee-niou,” but the captions (region 1 DVD) incorrectly have Se-niou!

See also:

  • Niu2fen4. (“Safe”)
  • niu2shi3 (“War Stories”)

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younger sister, young girl

  1. xiao3: to be junior
  2. mei4 [used only in compound words]: [repeated] little sister, younger sister


  1. Mal sounds like “zao mei-mei” (“zao may-may”) instead of “shao may-may.” The captions incorrectly have only mei-mei on the region 1 DVD.
  2. Unlike in mei4mei5, the repeated mei in xiao3mei4mei4 retains 4th tone instead of changing to neutral 5th tone.
  3. Also:

    Mandarin Words for Siblings
    Relation / GenderFemaleMale
    Older Siblingjie3jie5
    older sister
    older brother
    Younger Siblingmei4mei5
    younger sister
    younger brother

See also:

  • mei4mei5 (“Serenity, Part 1,” “Safe,” “Our Mrs. Reynolds” [Cut], “Ariel,” “War Stories,” “Heart of Gold”)
  • Zhu4fu2 ni3, mei4mei5. (“Heart of Gold”)

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thank you, thanks [expression]

  1. xie4: [repeated with neutral 5th tone] to thank


  1. The captions have the Hanyu Pinyin romanization form Xie-xie on the region 1 DVD.
  2. Also:
    • fei1chang2 gan3xie4 非常感谢 (traditional: 非常感謝 ): thank you very much; fei1chang2: very, highly (fei1: not, to be not; chang2 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: regular, normal); gan3xie4: to thank, to be thankful, thanks [noun and expression] (gan3: to feel, to feel grateful; xie4: to thank)
    • gan3xie4 感谢 (traditional: 感謝 ): to thank, to be thankful, thanks [noun and expression] [see above]

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xiong1can2 sha1shou3


to be ruthless, to be savage

  1. xiong1: to be brutal, to be ferocious
  2. can2 [used only in compound words]: ruthless, ferocious


a (professional) killer, a hit-man

  1. sha1: to kill
  2. shou3 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: a professional, a person skilled at something


  1. Kaylee sounds like “shiong tse sha sho” instead of the SHIONG-tsan SHA-sho of the script.
  2. Thank you to Firefly Chinese translator Jenny Lynn for the script English (and for confirming the Hanyu Pinyin romanization in this entry) before the script was published.

See also:

  • xiong1meng3 de5 kuang2ren2 (“Objects in Space”)

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xiong2mao1 niao4

xiong2mao1 [de5]

panda’s, of a panda

  1. xiong2mao1: a panda
    1. xiong2: a bear
    2. mao1: a cat
  2. [understood: de5 : [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]]




  • The Bartender sounds like “shung mao niao” instead of the shiong mao niao of the script.

See also:

  • chou4 ma3-niao4 (Serenity [novelization])
  • niao4 shi1 de5 du3gui3 (“Heart of Gold”)

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xiong1meng3 de5 kuang2ren2

xiong1meng3 de5

to be violent, to be fierce

  1. xiong1: to be ferocious, to be fierce
  2. meng3: to be fierce
  3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]


[contemptuous] a lunatic, a madman

  1. kuang2: to be crazy, to be insane
  2. ren2: a person

See also:

  • fang4zong4 feng1kuang2 de5 jie2 (“War Stories”)
  • kuang2zhe3 de5 (“Serenity, Part 2”)
  • Wo3 de5 ma1 he2 ta1 de5 feng1kuang2 de5 wai4sheng5 dou1 (“Our Mrs. Reynolds”)
  • xiong1can2 sha1shou3 (“The Message”)

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