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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Yan1guo5 de5 huai4dan4.

yan1guo5 de5

castrated, that (has been) castrated

  1. yan1: to castrate
  2. guo5: [completed-action marker]
  3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]


a scoundrel, a bastard (nonliteral)

  1. huai4: to be bad
  2. dan4: [word used in insults of people]; [literally: an egg]

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a fairy enchantress, a vamp, a beautiful woman

  1. yao1 [used only in compound words]: bewitching, a demon
  2. nü3 [used only in compound words]: a woman


  1. Yao1nü3 is used for the Succubus character (a demon that takes woman form to have sex with men while the men sleep) on a few Chinese gaming websites.
  2. Also: yao1nü3shi4 妖女饰 (traditional: 妖女飾 ): a repulsive woman, a gorgon; shi4 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: a decoration

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Ye1su1, ta1ma1 de5—


Jesus [loanword; transliteration perhaps for Iesus: [Latin] Jesus; Spanish Jesús pronounced like script’s Hay-soose]

  1. Ye1 [used only in compound-word names]: [phonetically used Chinese character]
  2. su1 [used only in compound words]: [phonetically used Chinese character]; [literally: to revive]

ta1ma1 de5

[offensive] damn/damned [intensifier], f***ing [intensifier]; [literally: his mother’s]

  1. ta1ma1: [literally: his mother]
    1. ta1 [de5]: his
      1. ta1: he
      2. [understood: de5 : [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]]
    2. ma1: [colloquial] a mom, a mother
  2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]

See also:

  • Ni3 ta1ma1 de5. Tian1xia4 suo3you3 de5 ren2. Dou1 gai1si3. (“Serenity, Part 1”)
  • Ta1ma1 de5. (“Serenity, Part 1”)
  • Ta1ma1 de5 hun2dan4. (“War Stories”)
  • Zhen1 ta1ma1 yao4ming4. Zhu4yi4. (“Serenity, Part 1”)

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yi1 da4 tuo2 da4bian4

yi1 da4 tuo2

a big lump of

  1. yi1 [pronounced “yi2” before a 4th-tone syllable]: one, a
  2. da4: to be big, to be great
  3. tuo2 [used only in compound words]: a lump


human excrement, stool

  1. da4: to be big, to be great
  2. bian4 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: excrement

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Yi1qi3 shen1hu1xi1.



  1. yi1: one, a
  2. qi3: [classifier for groups]


to do deep breathing

  1. shen1: to be deep
  2. hu1xi1: breathing
    1. hu1: to exhale
    2. xi1 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: to inhale

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Yo-Saf-Bridge [Not Chinese]



[abbreviation for her aliases: Yolanda to Durran, Saffron to Mal, Bridgit to Monty]


  1. The captions (region 1 DVD) incorrectly say it’s Chinese.
  2. Bridgit is used in the published script, but both Bridgit and Bridget appear in an unpublished version of the script. Only Bridget is used in the captions (region 1 DVD).

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stubborn, hard-nosed

  1. you4 [A] you4 [B]: both [A] and [B], [A] as well as [B]
    1. you4: and, in addition
  2. chou4: to be stinking, [slang] to be inferior
  3. ying4: to be stubborn


  • The you4 construction works for adjectives, verbs, and phrases with two or more items: you4 [A] you4 [B] you4 [C]…you4 [Z]: [A] and [B] and [C]…and [Z].

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yu2ben4 de5

yu2ben4 de5

to be stupid, to be foolish

  1. yu2 [used only in compound words]: stupid, foolish
  2. ben4: to be stupid
  3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]

See also:

  • Ben4 tian1sheng1 de5 yi1 dui1 rou4. (“Trash”)
  • Liu2 kou3shui3 de5 biao3zi5 he2 hou2zi5 de5 ben4 er2zi5. (“Safe”)

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