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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Wo3 hen3 diu1lian3. Wo3 mei2you3 chi1 Fruity Oaty Bar.

wo3 hen3 diu1lian3

I am very ashamed

  1. wo3: I
  2. hen3: very much
  3. diu1lian3: to feel ashamed; [literally: to lose face]
    1. diu1: to lose (misplace)
    2. lian3: a face

wo3 mei2you3 chi1

I did not eat, I have not eaten

  1. wo3: I
  2. mei2you3: did not [+verb], have not [+verb as if past participle]
    1. mei2: not
    2. you3: to have, there is
  3. chi1: to eat

Fruity Oaty Bar

[name of a fictional packaged food product]


  1. The Shamed Gentleman sounds like “Wuo hun diao nyen” instead of “Wuo hun dio lyen.” In the second syllable of diu1lian3, the N (“nyen”) for standard L (“lyen”) could be Taiwan Mandarin pronunciation or Cantonese-influenced Mandarin.
  2. Thank you to Craig Kurumada for the suggested Chinese translation.

See also:

  • Wo3 hen3 diu1lian3. Wo3 mei2you3 chi1 Fruity Oaty Bar. (Serenity [movie])

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Visible Chinese

Kai1shi3 Bo1fang4; Ren4xuan3 Chang3jing3; Te4bie2 Shou1lu4; Xuan3ze2 Yu3yan2

kai1shi3 bo1fang4

start to transmit

  1. kai1shi3: to begin, to start
    1. kai1: to begin, to start
    2. shi3 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: to start, a beginning
  2. bo1fang4: to transmit, to broadcast
    1. bo1: to broadcast
    2. fang4: to release, to set free

ren4xuan3 chang3jing3

select a scene

  1. ren4xuan3: to take whichever (one likes)
    1. ren4: any, no matter which
    2. xuan3: to select
  2. chang3jing3: a (theatrical) scene
    1. chang3: a (theatrical) scene, a (theatrical) stage
    2. jing3 [used only in compound words (or as a family name)]: a (theatrical) scene

te4bie2 shou1lu4

specially included

  1. te4bie2: specially
    1. te4 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: special, exceptional
    2. bie2 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: other
  2. shou1lu4: to include (in a collection)
    1. shou1: to incorporate, to collect
    2. lu4 [used only in compound words]: selections, a collection

xuan3ze2 yu3yan2

select a language

  1. xuan3ze2: to select
    1. xuan3: to select
    2. ze2 [used only in compound words]: to select
  2. yu3yan2: language, spoken language
    1. yu3 [used only in compound words]: language
    2. yan2 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: language, spoken language

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Hao3chi1; Tian2


to be tasty

  1. hao3: to be good
  2. chi1: to eat


to be sweet

See also:

  • Hao3chi1; Tian2 (Serenity [movie])

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Xiang1jiao1; Jin1ju2; Feng4li2


a banana

  1. xiang1: to be fragrant, to be aromatic
  2. jiao1 [used only in compound words]: a banana


a kumquat

  1. jin1 [used only in compound words (or as a dynasty/family name)]: golden
  2. ju2 [used only in compound words]: an orange


a pineapple

  1. feng4: a phoenix
  2. li2: a pear


  • The Fruity Oaty Bar commercial features a strawberry, but that flavor isn’t in the written Chinese. It would be cao3mei2 草莓 : a strawberry; cao3: straw (grain); mei2: a berry.

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary