“Serenity, Part 2”

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Ni3men5 dou1 bi4zui3!

ni3men5 dou1

all of you

  1. ni3men5: you (plural)
    1. ni3: you (singular)
    2. men5: [suffix for human plural words]
  2. dou1: all


[slang] Shut up!

  1. bi4: to shut, to close
  2. zui3: [colloquial] a mouth


  1. Pronunciation: Mal sounds like “Nee mun doh bih-zway!” instead of “Nee-mun doh bee-tzway!”
  2. Script version: Ta ma de! [phonetic for English speakers: TAH-mah-duh!]: Ta1ma1 de5! 他妈的! (traditional: 他媽的!): [offensive] Damn!, Damn it!, S***!, F***!; [literally: his mother’s]; ta1ma1: [literally: his mother] (ta1: he [understood: de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]]; ma1: [colloquial] a mom, a mother); de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]

    Nimen de bizui! [phonetic for English speakers: Nee-mun duh bee-tzway!”]: Ni3men5 de5 bi4zui3! 你们的闭嘴! (traditional: 你們的閉嘴!): you (plural) just shut up; ni3men5: you (plural) [see main entry above]; de5: [marker of a subject noun that is irrelevant to the situation at hand]; bi4zui3: [slang] Shut up! [see main entry above]

See also:

  • Bi4zui3. (“Serenity, Part 1,” Serenity: Better Days #1 & #2)
  • Bi4zui3 nin2 hen3 bu4ti3tie1 de5 nan2sheng1! (“Objects in Space”)
  • Bi4zui3. Rong2 wo3men5 fa1cai2. (Serenity [movie])

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kuang2zhe3 de5

kuang2zhe3 de5

like crazy people

  1. kuang2zhe3: a crazy person, the insane
    1. kuang2: to be crazy, to be insane
    2. zhe3: [suffix to make doer nouns from verbs/adjectives], -er/-or
  2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of (modified noun is understood or generic)]


  • Wash sounds like “kwing chuh duh” instead of the kwong-juh duh of the script.

See also:

  • fang4zong4 feng1kuang2 de5 jie2 (“War Stories”)
  • Wo3 de5 ma1 he2 ta1 de5 feng1kuang2 de5 wai4sheng5 dou1 (“Our Mrs. Reynolds”)
  • xiong1meng3 de5 kuang2ren2 (“Objects in Space”)

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younger sister, young girl

  1. xiao3: to be junior
  2. mei4 [used only in compound words]: [repeated] little sister, younger sister


  1. Mal sounds like “zao mei-mei” (“zao may-may”) instead of “shao may-may.” The captions incorrectly have only mei-mei on the region 1 DVD.
  2. Unlike in mei4mei5, the repeated mei in xiao3mei4mei4 retains 4th tone instead of changing to neutral 5th tone.
  3. Also:

    Mandarin Words for Siblings
    Relation / GenderFemaleMale
    Older Siblingjie3jie5
    older sister
    older brother
    Younger Siblingmei4mei5
    younger sister
    younger brother

See also:

  • mei4mei5 (“Serenity, Part 1,” “Safe,” “Our Mrs. Reynolds” [Cut], “Ariel,” “War Stories,” “Heart of Gold”)
  • xiao3mei4mei4 (Serenity: Better Days #1 & #2)
  • Zhu4fu2 ni3, mei4mei5. (“Heart of Gold”)

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[insult] [offensive] a scoundrel, a bastard (nonliteral)

  1. hun2: to be stupid, to be foolish
  2. dan4: [word used in insults of people]; [literally: an egg]

See also:

  • ge5 zhen1 de5 hun2dan4! (“Jaynestown”)
  • hun2dan4 (“Bushwhacked,” “Our Mrs. Reynolds,” Serenity: Those Left Behind #1)
  • Ta1ma1 de5 hun2dan4. (“War Stories”)

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Ai1ya1. Wo3men5 wan2le5.


[interjection for shock, regret, or distress], Oh!, Oh my!, Ah!, Damn!

  1. ai1: [interjection for surprise, regret, or distress], Oh!, Ah!
  2. ya1: [interjection for surprise], Oh!, Ah!



  1. wo3: I
  2. men5: [suffix for human plural words]


to be hopeless, doomed

  1. wan2: to finish, to be over
  2. le5: [completion marker]

See also:

  • Ai1ya1! (“Our Mrs. Reynolds”)
  • Ai1ya1! Huai4le5. (“Serenity, Part 1”)
  • Ai1ya1. Tian1 a5. (Serenity [movie])

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Cut Chinese Dialog



[usually pronounced “she2me5”]: what?

  1. shen2 [used only in the compound word shen2me5]
  2. me5: [suffix for question words]


  • Pronunciation: Simon correctly sounds like “Shun muh?” for shen2me5? ‘I’m sorry?’ / ‘What?’ not “Dway-boo-chee?” for the script’s incorrect Duibuqi? ‘I’m sorry [for what I did]’: dui4bu5qi3 对不起 (traditional: 對不起 ): I’m sorry, Excuse me (as apology); dui4: to treat, to deal with; bu4: not; qi3: to rise, to start.

See also:

  • Shen2me5? (“Shindig,” Serenity [movie] [Cut])
  • Zhe4 shi4 shen2me5 lan4dong1xi5!? (“Jaynestown”)

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Visible Chinese

Lian2jie2 Bu4tong1


to link, to bind

  1. lian2: to link, to connect
  2. jie2: to tie, to join together


cannot get through [state resulting from preceding verb]

  1. bu4: not
  2. tong1: to connect with

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water [noun]

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[Chinese character doesn’t represent an independent word in Modern Standard Mandarin (Putonghua)] →
zou3lang2 走廊 : a corridor, a passageway

  1. zou3: to go, to walk
  2. lang2 [used only in compound words]: a corridor

See also:

  • Lang2 (“The Message”)

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[archaic] a firefly [see note below]


  • Modern term: ying2huo3chong2 萤火虫 (traditional: 螢火蟲 ): a firefly, a glowworm; ying2 [used only in compound words]: a firefly, a glowworm; huo3: fire [noun]; chong2: an insect, a worm [used on cast-and-crew T-shirt; see: Firefly Cast-and-Crew Stuff]

See also:

  • Qian1 (“Safe,” “Our Mrs. Reynolds,” “Objects in Space,” Firefly Press Kit)

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Ying2huo3chong2–Ning2jing4 Zhong1wen2 Pin1yin1-dian3
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