Serenity: The Other Half

[Comic book at Myspace Dark Horse Presents Issue 13, Number 1 (August 2008)]

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books

Chinese Dialog

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Wo3 zhe4ge5 shen1zi5 bu4 shi4 yong4lai2 wei4 Reavers de5!

wo3 zhe4ge5 shen1zi5

this body of mine

  1. wo3 de5: my
    1. wo3: I
    2. [understood: de5 : [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]]
  2. zhe4ge5 shen1zi5: this body
    1. zhe4ge5: this, this one
      1. zhe4: this
      2. ge5: [general classifier for nouns]
    2. shen1zi5: a body
      1. shen1 [used only in compound words (or as a classifier for certain nouns)]: a body
      2. zi5: [suffix to make noun two syllables]

bu4 shi4 yong4lai2 wei4 Reavers de5

not to be used to feed Reavers

  1. bu4 shi4: to not be
    1. bu4 [pronounced “bu2” before a 4th-tone syllable]: not
    2. shi4: to be
  2. yong4lai2: for use (as), to be used for
    1. yong4: to use
    2. lai2: [verb suffix for ability or hypothetical action]
  3. wei4: to feed
  4. de5: [assertion marker]

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bai2bai2nen4nen4 de5

bai2bai2nen4nen4 de5

to be very white and delicate (of skin), to be very soft and delicate (of skin)

  1. bai2nen4 de5: [parts repeated for descriptive emphasis] to be white and delicate (of skin), to be soft and delicate (of skin)
    1. bai2: to be white, to be fair (of skin)
    2. nen4: to be tender (e.g., meat), to be delicate (e.g., skin)
    3. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: integrated adjectival clause (restrictive relative clause)]

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[offensive] to f***; [literally: to do]

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Shang4di4 de5 dan4!

Shang4di4 de5 dan4

God’s eggs

  1. Shang4di4 de5: God’s
    1. Shang4di4: (Christian) God
      1. shang4 [for this meaning, used only in compound words]: superior, higher
      2. di4 [used only in compound words]: God, Supreme Being
    2. de5: [noun-modifier marker] [here: possessive (genitive), ’s, of]
  2. dan4: egg [here: probably for testicles]

See also:

  • Ren2ci2 de5 Shang4di4, qing3 dai4 wo3 zou3 (Serenity [movie], Serenity [novelization])

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary