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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary
Chinese translations with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters for Firefly the TV series and Serenity the movie and comic books



“Serenity, Part 1” | “Serenity, Part 2” | “The Train Job” | “Bushwhacked” | “Shindig” | “Safe” | “Our Mrs. Reynolds” | “Jaynestown” | “Out of Gas” | “Ariel” | “War Stories” | “Trash” | “The Message” | “Heart of Gold” | “Objects in Space”


Firefly DVD | Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One | Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume Two | Firefly: Still Flying (Coming) | Firefly Official Site | Firefly DVD Official Site | Firefly Props and Merchandise | Firefly Cast-and-Crew Stuff | Firefly Press Kit

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Serenity (movie) | Serenity (novelization)

Comic Books

Serenity: Those Left Behind | Serenity: Better Days | Serenity: The Other Half | Serenity: Float Out | Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale | [Serenity logo only:] Serenity: Downtime | [Serenity logo only:] Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64; It’s Never Easy | Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64; Leaves on the Wind


Serenity DVD | Serenity: The Official Visual Companion | Serenity Official Site | Serenity DVD Official Site | Serenity Props and Merchandise | Serenity Cast-and-Crew Stuff

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Firefly–Serenity Chinese Pinyinary